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Handcrafted Natural Stone Ornaments

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🌟 Embrace the Magic of Handmade Kyanite Crystal Stone Ornaments 🌟

Step into a world where enchantment and serenity intertwine, where the mystical meets the everyday. Allow us to introduce you to our Handmade Kyanite Crystal Stone Ornaments, the exquisite treasures that will add a touch of mystical allure to your life, any day of the year.

🔮 A Connection to the Ethereal 🔮

Kyanite, the heart and soul of these captivating ornaments, is more than just a crystal. It's a bridge to a realm of tranquility and higher wisdom. With every glance, you'll feel the gentle whisper of your spirit guides drawing closer, guiding your steps on this earthly journey.

💬 Amplify Your Voice 💬

The deep blue hues of Kyanite open the gateway to your throat chakra, enabling your authentic self to shine. Feel the rush of self-expression surge through you as you adorn your space with these remarkable ornaments. Whether for Halloween and seasonal decor or as a year-round treasure, they become a beacon of your unique voice.

🌿 Healing and Calming 🌿

At the heart of these creations lies a soothing, healing energy. When you're surrounded by Kyanite, stress melts away, and you're wrapped in a cocoon of tranquility. Imagine the profound calmness that washes over you as you immerse yourself in their presence.

Handcrafted with Love

Each ornament is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted to perfection. These gemstone wonders come in various forms - as wands, brooms, pendants, or simply as decorative pieces. Whichever you choose, know that it's a unique creation, infused with positive energy.

🌟 Witch Broom and More 🌟

These ornaments are not just objects; they are gateways to a world of magic and protection. Let them be your trusted companions on your journey. Place them in your sacred space, and watch as they ward off negative energy, inviting only good luck and positivity into your life.

These Handmade Kyanite Crystal Stone Ornaments are more than just decorations; they are vessels of transformation. They are the promise of a deeper connection to yourself and the universe. Welcome them into your life, and let the enchantment begin.

Embrace the magic. Own the serenity. Elevate your spirit.

Order your Handmade Kyanite Crystal Stone Ornaments today and let the journey to a more magical you commence.


Name: Handcrafted Natural Stone Broom Ornaments

Black color broom is made of natural black kyanite and blue color broom is made of natural black kyanite that has been electroplated into blue.

Size:  about 4,7" - 5,5"inch /12-14cm

 Color: black and blue

 Weight: about 0,5 ounce / 15g

Package includes:

1 x Handcrafted Natural Stone Broom Ornaments


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Penelope C.

I absolutely love these Ornaments! The quality is outstanding, and I can't wait to hang them on my Christmas tree. They add a unique and magical touch to my holiday decor. Highly recommended!

Wendy M.

I love these. Super cute! Quality stones. I absolutely love these Handmade Natural Kyanite Stone Ornaments! They are perfect for adding a touch of enchantment to any occasion, be it Halloween, Christmas, or any time of the year. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and the kyanite stones are simply mesmerizing with their unique colors and natural beauty.

Hanging these ornaments on my tree instantly elevates the holiday spirit, and they bring a sense of positive energy and tranquility to my home all year round. I appreciate that they are handmade, giving them a personal touch and ensuring their quality.

These ornaments are not just decorations; they are a wonderful addition to my home's ambiance. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to infuse their living space with positivity and a touch of natural elegance.

Arnulfo T.

Beautiful. A mystical delight! They are more than just a decor piece – it's a gateway to positive energy and enchantment. It has become an integral part of my spiritual space.

Nora U.

It arrived in estimated time... Very beautiful. I'm under its spell! The elegance and grace of this crystal witch broom are beyond words. It brings a touch of whimsy and spirituality to my space, and I can feel its positive vibes. A must-have for any modern witch!

Carol G.

Just as described! I loved it! I absolutely adore these ornaments! They have brought such a beautiful and positive energy into my home all year round. Very well made, and the natural kyanite stones are simply stunning. Hanging these ornaments around my house has not only added a touch of elegance to my decor but has also created a serene and calming atmosphere.

I can genuinely say that these ornaments have enhanced the ambiance of my home.

I wholeheartedly recommend these ornaments to anyone looking to elevate their living space and infuse it with positive energy. Will buy more!